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muscle strain

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Tightening the muscle is involuntary contractions of the muscle is a result of lack of fluids or the result of moving more than is required of them, or a lack of blood hyphen to her, happen with severely painful inability to move

 And peek the muscle strain suffered more than any other sport, for being stress and lack of fluid at the same time. Before talking about the treatment of this injury, it is necessary to talk about ways to prevent it, and we can Acronym Prevention from muscle strain simple points, the most important mode:

muscle strain

muscle strain- maintain a deep breath, because that provide the body with ample amount of oxygen needed by the muscle to prevent  muscle strain or contraction manner involuntarily.

2.muscle strain- Drink plenty of fluids and the amount of ample, especially when those who strongly perspirat, because this would create a balance in the body, will prevent the lack of fluid and consequently the deposition of calcium in the muscle, which prevents severe contraction in reflex.
3.muscle strain- Exposure to sunlight harmless, as far as inadequate, and that in order to form vitamin D, as one of the causes of spasm and muscle contraction involuntary is the lack of this vitamin.
4.muscle strain- creating muscle before doing any physical activity requires an effort which is termed in athletes warm-up process, and initialization operations are tightening the muscles and relax them through simple exercises.
• methods of treatment: a methods natural treatment without medical intervention: a method of treatment depends on the area of ​​infection, and can be broken down as follows:
 1. leg muscle: Download the entire body on the affected leg, bend with the knees slowly. In this case the ability to stand, in the case of not being able to stand it is possible to tighten the leg backwards, taking into account that the leg be put straight
. 2. groin area: The injury in the groin area occur feeling severe pain with the loss of focus on the area of ​​the injury, and can do the following treatment: - sit on something, such as a high chair for the relief of muscle. - Foot pulling off the injured thigh and then tighten toward the buttocks - put ice on the affected area for relief of muscle, and then put warm water to avoid pain.
 3. Massage for the infection of any oily or fatty substance. Medical intervention for treatment: resort for medical treatment or doctor in case of pulling a muscle if: 1. Previous treatments did not work and did not ease the pain, the pain lasted for 24 hours 2. If we heard the sound coming from the muscle area. 3. If swelling increases and strongly or pain increases.
 4. If the higher the score the patient temperature. 
5. If the bleeding from incised injury happened. Medical intervention: medical intervention is similar to a large ways physiotherapy extent, but the doctor can reduce stressful for muscle activity, as it could have diagnosed the injury better, and thus determine the source and cause of the injury accurately, whether it is a muscle strain already or is it another reason. God take care muscle strain for everyone, Give them health and safety.
and finaly thank you for reading my post and if you have anything to descut about muscle strain put in comment below ;)

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